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Full Tilt Boogie Racing
Delrin Rear Differential Support
(99-04 Mustang Cobra)

FTBR Rear Diff Support

Price: $54.00
FT 1300
Included in this kit are 2 Delrin rear differential bushings
and one anodized inner sleeve.

Item Details

Stabilize the differential by removing the
OEM rear differential rubber bushing
and replacing it with this kit.
Stabilizing the differential will prevent diff cover leakage
and in high torque situations,
diff cover and halfshaft breakage.
Be sure to replace both the front and rear
differential mounts at the same time.
Click here for more information on the removal/installation
of the FT 1300 Rear Differential Support.

This kit is included in our FT 5000 complete IRS bushing kit.

Fits Mustang Cobra

 1999, 2000 (R), 2001, 2003, 2004