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Rear Differential Cooler Kit and Replacement Parts
FT 1370 - Rear Diff Cooler Kit
Rear differential cooler kit.
Kit includes a heat exchanger/fan assembly with -8 fittings,
Tilton oil pump,
20 feet of -8 stainless braided line,
three 90 degree -8 fittings,
seven straight -8 fittings,
one 90 degree swivel for the suction line,
one AN-8 check valve,
one 280 degree temperature gauge with sending unit.
FT 1370 $985.00
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for the parts listed below.
Rear Differential
Heat Exchanger with Fan.
Rear Differential Cooler
Oil Pump.
-8 Stainless
Braided Oil Line.
20 ft.
90 Degree
-8 Fitting.
FT 1371 FT 1372 FT 1373 FT 1374
-8 Straight Fitting. 90 Degree
-8 Swivel Fitting.
-8 AN Check Valve. -8 AN to Male Pipe Thread.
FT 1375 FT 1376 FT 1377 FT 1383