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Full Tilt Boogie Racing
Oversize UHMW IRS Subframe Support Kit
(99-04 Mustang Cobra)
Price: $159.00
Included in this kit are:
4 oversize UHMW subframe bushings,
4 aluminum sleeves.
FT 1515
Use this kit when you accidently remove
 the outer metal sleeve
when removing the
OEM subframe bushings.
Stabilize the subframe by removing the OEM rubber bushings
and replacing them with this kit.
By stabilizing the subframe with this kit,
handling will be more predictable and will also prevent wheel hop.
Click here for more information on the removal/installation
of the FT 1500 UHMW IRS Subframe support kit.

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Fits Mustang Cobra
1999, 2000(R), 2001, 2003, 2004