We have exciting news for FTBR customers that purchased our SN-95, 14" (FT 9490, 355x32mm) front Brembo brake kit.
We have put together a 14.5" (368x32mm) conversion kit to
step up your front brakes to the maximum diameter capacity of your Brembo caliper.
The kit includes two caliper mounting brackets, a left side and right side directionally vaned,
directionally slotted, clear zinc plated rotors and two sets of attaching bobbins.
Above are photos of the complete kit, the rotor ring sitting on a scale at 15.6# and a caliper measuring the .750# air gap.
The air gap is larger than the air gap on the original rotors you received in the kit.
Although the rotors are 1/2" larger in diameter they are lighter because of the increased air gap.
These rotors contain less mass than the HD road Race rotors,
so life will be naturally reduced for road course duty applications.
But stopping power will be increased which means greater braking efficiency.

We only have one rotor casting option available for this kit at this time.
However, there is a new rotor casting in the works and it will contain significantly more mass having a .629" air gap.
It will also be significantly heavier which will be more suitable for road racing applications.

The kits are going to be a special introductory price of $890.00 for everything you will need
to convert your front brakes to this 14.5" kit.

Please keep in mind your caliper will be raised 1/4"
so make sure you have current clearance inside your wheel for this.
Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the kit.

The Full Tilt Boogie Racing Team