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Full Tilt Boogie Racing
Cross Axis Joint Replacement Boot.
FT 6106

Price: $7.00 each

OEM Cross Axis Joint Replacement Boot

FT 6106 

Item Details

Replace your worn and torn cross axis joint boots
 with Full Tilt Boogie Racing's replacement cross axis joint boots.
 These will only fit the Ford OEM cross axis joints.
Click here for more information on the removal/installation
of the FT 6100 Cross Axis Joints.
If your cross axis joints are worn
Full Tilt Boogie Racing also
offers replacement cross axis joints.
Replace your worn Mustang Cobra IRS cross-axis joints
with our new replacement cross axis joint.
These upgraded joints have clear zinc plated housings
 to help prevent corrosion
and have Teflon-lined spherical bearings for long service life.
Part #FT 6100
Fits Mustang Cobra
 1999, 2000 (R), 2001, 2003, 2004