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2015 S550 Mustang
IRS Wheel Hop
2015 S550 Mustang
Subframe and Differential
Deflection During Launch

This short video demonstrates the clearance that our
FT 545 Adjustable Control Arm has while tracking the car.
Also note the smooth bind free movement.

Here is a short video comparing the
before (with OEM bushings) and
after (with FTBR bushings installed) of the IRS. This video clearly show shows where
all the wheel hop originates,
soft rubber in the subframe and differential support bushings.
Here is a short video showing the
step by step procedure on how
to remove the IRS from
your S550 Mustang.


Track testing the S550 Mustang
at Road America after
Bushing Install.
Here is a short video showing the
S550 Mustang front subframe mount
with and without OEM factory
support bracket during a burnout.

S550 Shifter Reinforcement Bracket

S550 Mustang shifter wobble before and after
Full Tilt Boogie Racing's
shifter reinforcement bracket
was installed.
Here is the Full Tilt Boogie Racing S550 Mustang shifter reinforcement bracket.
Like 99.9% of FTBR part these are 100% USA made.
The bracket can easily be installed without the removal of the exhaust or driveshaft.
Before the bracket we were encountering 4 to 5 and 5 to 4 lockout at high RPM on track.
With the bracket, it is a world of difference!
Your stock shifter is a LOT better than you might think it is.
It’s the soft OEM mounting of the shifter that is the problem.
Not the shifter itself.
After the installation of the shifter bracket,
the shifter feels much more solid with minimal slop.
Shifting will be a lot smoother at any RPM or load.
Here is a short video that demonstrates
the shifter wobble before and after the bracket has been installed.
Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Shifter disassembly br / Part 1 Shifter disassembly
Part 2

Shifter disassembly
Part 3
Shifter Bushing

FTBR Shifter
O-ring Installation
FTBR Shifter Reinforcement Bracket