Your Cobra IRS  Suspension Specialists!
Recently, Ford Racing came out with a reinforced differential cover for the IRS.
It's a much improved design compared to the egg shell thin OEM cover
and I believe this will be the standard for the future.

There is no issue installing this cover with the OEM rear diff support bracket.
However, I would not recommend retaining the OEM rubber or even an aftermarket poly bushing.
Delrin is the only choice of material if you want to use the rear OEM mounting bracket.

If you have a driveline vibe in your car you are going to want to use our lowering
 rear diff mount (FT 1401) so you can fully optimize your driveline angles.
Something you can't do with the OEM rear diff mount.

If you want to combine the lowering rear diff mount AND the new Ford Racing IRS diff cover,
you WILL run into clearance issues with the inner toe link mounts on the subframe.
We have an answer for you if you plan on combining those parts.
We are now offering a Ford Racing IRS cover that is milled for clearance
so all you have to do is bolt your parts in place with no worries.
Here is a photo of us making some chips last night on the milling machine:
Mill Diff Cover
This is what the milled clearance looks like on the right side of the cover:
The left side needs considerably more clearance
which can be seen in the photo of the milled cover we now offer:
Here are a couple of photos so you can see how the inner toe link mounting brackets on the subframe
interfere with the lowered cover:
Part # FT 1350M


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