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Click here for a look at a letter of praise from another happy Full Tilt Boogie Racing customer!!

We love to hear your feedback!!

Also, I wanted to say the quality of your 13" rear brake kit is superb,
the hardware sizing as well as bracket fit is spot on.  
I am from a machinist background and have been metal working for years and have tremendous respect for someone who shares pride in his work and products.

Thanks again and congrats on your addition to American muscle sales.


Thanks for the misc. bolts and hardware you were able to add in for me, I believe I have everything to repair this and get it on the ground finally.
The packaging was fantastic, everything was excellent, will start installing this stuff tonight.
The videos on your site are wonderful, watched them all the other evening and were very insightful for someone like me that has never messed with an IRS setup.
Will be ordering the IRS bushing kit, and the complete toe links once I get this thing running in the next month or so and blow it apart for bodywork and to fix a little bit of rust on my 89 notch.
Again, thanks for all your emails and advice, and the quality of the these parts are excellent,
cant wait to get everything else from you and drive it lol.
BTW, let me know or post up on your site if you have a X-MAS sale so I can show it to my wife, hint hint
and if you get those new rotors included mite just have to try those too,
And your service and knowledge and the fact that you don't care if I don't have a $100,000 AIX car and sponsorship determine what I need,
that's why I listened to everyone on the corral and SVT forums to see u instead of going to MM for the IRS stuff,
MM is good, but from what I have seen, I think your way ahead as far as the IRS specific stuff.

Hi Bruce,
I wanted to let you know I finally got around to installing the bushings in my IRS. Your kit is awesome!
The tools were a life saver. They were very easy to use. The control arms move so much smoother now. It was a very simple install. Thanks again for offering such a great kit.

Bruce and Steve,
Finished the install of the bushing kit on Thursday. I wanted to wait until I got a four wheel alignment to comment fully.
Wow.....The back end slop is gone. 
The wind-up I used to feel when pushing the fun pedal is also gone. I don't track race, but, during cornering, the car feels planted.
I don't get afraid the back-end is going to come around on me anymore during a tight turn.
I can now justify to my wife the Maximum Performance summer tires I bought for the car.
Next to Full Length SubFrame Connectors, your kit is a must for any IRS owner.
Although the install is quite bit of labor, I have learned more about my IRS and rear suspension then any book could provide.
Thanks for your email support and quick shipping of the new washer.
Also, thanks for taking the time, money, and effort to put something like this out there, at a very reasonable price, for all IRS owners!

Here are some posts from happy customers taken from the SVTperformance.com forum......

Username POST
MG0h3 Review from a happy customer on a Full Tilt Boogie Racing
IRS bushing kit install.
(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
AluminatorSnake Review from a happy customer on a Full Tilt Boogie Racing
IRS bushing kit install.
(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
nextimeReview from a happy customer on a Full Tilt Boogie Racing
IRS bushing kit install.
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weaselp1 Review from a happy customer on a Full Tilt Boogie Racing
IRS bushing kit install.
(Click here for the link to the forum thread #1)
(Click here for the link to the forum thread #2)
(Click here for the link to the forum thread #3)
Tob This is a nice write up on the install of Full Tilt Boogie Racing's
S-197 13" Rear Brake Conversion Kit
Two piece floating rotors.
FT 9600
(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
damien256 WOW!!  That's all I can say for the before and after handling.
The difference between a stock 22K Termi suspension and the FTBR Full kit is flat out amazing!!
NO, absolutely none, wheel hop.
Bruce and the peeps at FTBR not only helped me decide what to buy, but once I bought it they were right there to answer every
 silly little question I had during and after the install.
Props to these guys for a Quality Product and Customer service.
For those of you on the fence (or should I say on Rubber(s), what are you waiting for, give these guys a shout youll be glad you did.
Now I need to go change my shorts.
Thanks FTBR
(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
asierra1 I have to say, the FTBR bushing kit is a must for any and every cobra.
I've had nothing but great experiences with the product and staff.
 I ran into a few problems with the installation (removing poly bushings), but Bruce helped me out a lot through the process and is all around a great guy.
On to the success. Wheel hop was once a huge problem, especially with street tires at the track.
 With the bushings in, absolutely none.
The car hooked great at a 3200 rpm launch and pulled hard from there.
I expected a little hop with the sumis, but if anything, I'd just spin a bit.
The thoughts of my half-shafts popping are no longer existent.
Props to Bruce, Steve, and FTBR for this amazing kit!
(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
04SolidSnake Full Tilt Boogie review.
 Completely utterly awesome.. I am so pissed I didn't do this earlier.
Feels like a whole new car, the ass end feels so secure and planted now.
Bruce was super easy to deal with and rushed me my bushings next day when I needed them.
Beg, borrow, steal the money to do this to your Cobra.
Worth every penny and then some!
(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
FTBR great stuff!

Ok so here goes. In Oct 10 I bought the 03 dsg vert in my sig. I love this car!
The former owner (member here) put alot of time and money into this car.
One of the things he built was the irs.
I was stoked because i know its not cheap to build one.
Anyways I noticed the car still wheel hopped real bad. Fast forward to now.
The rear diff was leaking badly. The cover had a brace and the irs had ftbr everything except the irs support bushings.
They were MM poly. So I had dez racing replace the crap poly with UHMW FTBR bushings.
I couldnt believe the size of the inner sleeves!
 So now the diff is fixed and I can sleep at night knowing my irs is complete and done right.
The biggest difference is no more wheel hop. It either spins or grips, but no hop!
I am firm believer now that poly or the stock rubber is junk and should not be in an irs.
I also can't fathom how many people go and put bigger blowers and other go fast goodies before they do the irs, they dont know what they are missing!

(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
SonicBeast Just got the car out with this nice weather we've been having here.
I just bought the car in January so it's my first tank of good gas and fun runs in the car ever so I'm not sure how bad it was before but today
 I have her a first and second gear roll and just ripped the tires loose, but no wheel hop!!!
I guess the true test will be launching it.
Seems to me that the FTBR kit did exactly what it advertised. I would recommend it, can be done if your mechanically capable and have some time.
Polly took me a week total, but just 3-4 hours a night after work.
I learned a lot about the IRS from doing it too!
(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
eaglesnick It is still at the shop, but I will share my experience to this point.
I stopped by the shop today to check on the progress and I forgot to bring my camera and take pictures of the carnage.
Definitely not a job for the faint of heart to see your entire IRS in pieces.
The guy working on it said the FTBR kit is one of the best kits he has seen, top notch components, well engineered, thought out and complete.
He also said he can't imagine this car will hop once put back together.
He said the videos are worth their weight in gold, makes the installation process very easy.
I did have the BF rear diff brace installed but still had a leak at the rear so upgrading to the
FRPP diff cover is a worthwhile upgrade for those of you making some good power.
I did go with the FT-5001 kit which includes the rear diff lowering mount, so I needed the milled FRPP cover and it fit like a glove.
As for the stock bushings you could actually see worn aluminum and dust/shavings from the bushings moving around so much.
I can attest to the smooth easy movement of the upper and lower control arms after the install of the new bushings
 compared to the binding of the stock rubber pieces.
Bruce was also right on on the angle of the grease fittings they are easily accessible for maintenance in the future.
As of quitting time today the IRS was re-installed with the new shocks and springs in, tomorrow the front work will begin;
 struts, springs, CC plates and strut tower brace then off to the alignment shop.
Now if I can only find someone who can measure and adjust the bump steer.
I will keep you all posted.
(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
mr.magic Wanted to take a few seconds to thank you guys for saving my terminator quite litterly.
As always the service you offer is second to none.

The story: A little more than a month ago I was involved in an accident and the driver rear was completely torn out from under my cobra.
After receiving news my insurance company was going to attempt a repair I sent an email to FTBR asking if the bushings were removable.
 Not only are they but I also received detailed instructions on how to do so.
Shortly there after I got a call from the shop stating I needed upper control arms and had to find a set as
Ford no longer makes them for 03 cobras or the car would be totaled.
Looking feverishly for a day or so I found a set and asked Bruce what he thought of these as they were insanely priced.
Trusting Bruce's answer which was NO, posted throughout SVTP with multiple explanations and examples why he had my solution.
After a couple more emails and dealings with the shop I was able to not only get UCA's from Bruce
but a set of FTBR bushings with grease fittings installed by the man himself for and killer price.
The biggest problem we had was getting the arms and parts in a manner insurance would accept.
It took a few emails to straighten out the details and two different transactions but Bruce made it happen smoothly and
 I had the parts at my door in <4 days, right before Christmas to boot.

A huge thanks to the folks at Fulltiltboogieracing for saving my Terminator from the grave yard.

Forever grateful,


(Click here for the link to the forum thread)

Skitzerman Bruce and Steve,

I'll be sending back your tools tomorrow. I'll enclose a copy of the original invoice.
Everything worked great and the disassembly and assembly went without a hitch.
As a retired Mech. Eng. with years of RDT&E, RE and Project Engineer on many cutting edge projects,
 I can say without a doubt, FTBR is a top notch Aftermarket Company.
Keep up the great work. It has been an absolute pleasure, knowing there are responsible people,
such as yourselves, supporting the Mustang Community.

Best Regards,


(Click here for the link to the forum thread)

pdm Update: I've been driving on new bushings and new 4:10 gears for over a week, and I honestly don't know which mod I like better.
I am still in disbelief at how this thing rotates through a corner!
Also, if anyone is complaining about the noise with lower gears, a mustang is not for them.
If I turn the radio off, roll the windows up, and listen closely, I can barely hear them with stock exhaust.
 Although, I am gear installer extraordinaire. LOL!

The new front diff mount design is sweet!!!! It's as easy as stacking washers.
Bruce, thanks a ton for the help with getting that center section in place.
Great customer service doesn't even begin to describe FTBR! I was already impressed by the time taken to help me out, but the next day I get a call, "Hey, how did that install go? Did you get it all worked out?" I would put money on that there's no better service around, or products for that matter!
(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
dirtydave289 Ftbr bushings a+++

Got the full kit (uca's, lca's, front/rear diff mounts, subframe bushings) installed over the course of a few days.
Had to PM Bruce quite a few times due to my own stupidity (I read the directions over and over and STILL managed to miss half of the tips/how-to's).
He PM'd me back one night a few minutes after I sent it and it was at least 2AM.
Crazy good response time!
Definitely a PITA install. I planned on doing it all myself and right as I was about to reinstall the IRS 3 of my buddies came over to check it out.
Definitely lucked out because I needed all 3 to get that sucker back in there and bolted up.
Anyway..onto the results I'm only on street tires and didn't have much wheel hop before
BUT it was there and I could really get it hopping from a dig.
Now no matter what I try there is NO HOP WHATSOEVER!  Even on my crap tires!
I don't really push the Cobra in the corners often but I do know that what I used to feel "safe" entering a corner at (mph wise) is now TOO SLOW!
What used to be the limit for me is now a piece of cake.
The car feels absolutely planted and I feel much more in control entering and leaving the corners.
I would definitely suggest these bushings to any of you guys on the fence about it. I was and now I'm very happy that I ended up doing it.
 Just make sure to READ THE DIRECTIONS!!
Edit - Also did a BF IRS brace at the same time.
Feel like my IRS is beefy now and I feel like I can comfortably run DR's or slicks at the track (will be my first time running them) and not break something.
Feels that much more solid with the bushings.
(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
DHG4410 Sent mine back last week Bruce and Steve said they would ship today or tomorrow.
Bruce and Steve have been amazing to deal with.
I started bugging Bruce and Steve months ago with questions regarding the Cobra irs.
There is no hesitation in the replies I have received from both.
Guys at 51 years old I have been down the poly route and all I can say is stay clear.
It may work for a couple guys in Arizona but when you are dealing with constant temp changes
 like here in the Northeast (its snowing out) go with FTBR.
 (Click here for the link to the forum thread)
Jad G Just sent my uninstalled front diff bushings in, glad I decided to wait until last to put those in!
The new design makes a lot of sense, and I've never seen such customer support before from any vendor, major Kudos are due to you sir!

(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
Evan5469 I just wanted to say a quick thank you to Bruce.
I can't thank you enough for putting together such a great kit.
It has really made my Cobra even more enjoyable to drive.
I have zero wheelhop now and I love being able to stay glued to the back of Corvettes on exit ramps.
 (Click here for the link to the forum thread)
Flyin "85 Just got back from having the full FTBR bushing kit and upgraded toe-links put in my '04 cobra.
All I can say is WOW.
What a huge difference is every aspect of the car. It goes straighter under full throttle,
 stays planted when going around corners that aren't perfectly smooth and just gives the car a much more solid, "connected" feel.

I am EXTREMELY picky about how my vehicles ride and drive. I have noticed no increase in NVH from inside the car.
 I put almost 80 miles on it already today and I just LOVE it.
 Everything in the kit is absolutely top notch and Bruce is an outstanding guy to deal with. Can't say enough about him and his products !!!!

Thanks Again FTBR !!!!!

 (Click here for the link to the forum thread)
NotOrange... Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome control arm kit.
I pulled the subframe out dragged it to work and got it (as well as all the other bushings) done in a few hours.

You make an awesome product, shipping was fast, I couldn't have asked for more...
well maybe the subframe bushings (had gotten the mm poly's a while back, but oh well)

you have a return customer!!
(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
Boomering I just got done installing the full IRS kit in my 2003 Cobra.
Holy crap, what a difference.
Before, my car sounded like there was an elf hiding in the IRS with a sledge hammer.
After installing the kit, the clunk is GONE, GONE, GONE. Worth the money and the hours I spent for the install.
 I have a different car now.
Thanks Bruce and Steve for the best mod I have done to this car to date.

(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
SROLD Installed Bruce's full IRS kit this summer.
Have Kenny Brown matrix brace system and stock gears.
Installed additional sound deadener completely under rear seat with extra coverage over center section.
Big job, but absolutely worth the effort.
Much better if you can find a friend to help. Will drastically cut down the time.

The car is not noisier.. Actually quieter and much smoother.
Clunking is gone gone gone.
Just minor hop in 1st which I believe will be eliminated after extending rear part of sub frame connectors.

The parts of this system are first class and really work to let the system work without any binding.
You can hardly know what your missing until you ride in a terminator with this complete kit vs. stock.

Had an opportunity to return bushing installation tools to Bruce at his shop this summer.
It is spotless and impressive. He spent an hour with me talking about parts, mustangs, handling etc etc.

Now i understand better why this systems is as good as it is at a very reasonable price compared with everything else out there.
 (Click here for the link to the forum thread)
Silverboost Dreaded wheel hop has been finally terminated!
After the car being down for 3 weeks to install the Full Tilt Boogie bushing kit I finally got everything back together yesterday.
The car feels much more planted now and tighter. You definitely can feel the road more and I can hear the drive train more now,
 but to overcome the wheel hop has been incredible.

(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
V6&V8SHO Bruce's products are quality and his facility is top notch!
 (Click here for the link to the forum thread)
moot09 Before I installed Bruce's bushing kit I would hop all over the road during mid to full acceleration in 1st and 2nd.
It sounded HORRIBLE!
After installing the kit this dreadful feeling and sound is no more.
Not only did it completely get rid of the wheel hop it also improved the feel of the car.
Quite noticeably too. Makes me glad I made the purchase.

Also both Bruce and Steve guided me through every problem I had. These guys are very patient as well.
Didn't make me feel like a dumbass when id ask some simple questions.
As soon as an email was sent, I received one back within the hour, usually within 20 minutes, which just shows how much they stand by this product.
I HIGHLY recommend this product to any cobra owner seeking a better feel for their car.

Thanks again Bruce and Steve!
 (Click here for the link to the forum thread)
randoo 631rwhp, Bruce's kit, BFG 295's and H&R race springs. No hop at all.
(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
FlaSeaDude I'm running a little over 600RWHP and have Bruce's IRS Bushing Kit installed on my Cobra. It stopped the hop...
(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
1badblownstang What real customer service is (Bruce and Steve)
I have been slowly putting together my full rear set up from Bruce.
Last week I ordered a few pieces and one of them was the delrin read diff support.
Monday (actually Sunday night, Monday morning) I was looking over my parts list for the gear change
I am having done this weekend and somehow I forgot I ordered the rear bushing so I ordered it again.
I look at my email Monday afternoon and there is an e-mail from Steve saying they noticed I already ordered one and just wanted to make sure i needed another one. Of course I did not and sent him an e-mail back, saying i made a mistake.
Not 20 minutes later I had the money returned to paypal and a follow up e-mail telling me they took care of it.
That's service!
Thanks Bruce and Steve.

 (Click here for the link to the forum thread)

rich5150 Just a quick note for anyone considering this upgrade.
Do it.
This is simply how the IRS should have been shipped from the factory.
 The suspension response is vastly improved, very predictable....
 Launching the car hard on Nitto Drag Radials, it plants the tires and just goes, ZERO wheelhop.
I've done some "spirited driving" late last night around a few on-ramps, and the car felt 10x better than ever before.

Previously I had the MM RED urethane kit in the car which was so-so, but it can't even hold a candle to this kit.
No extra noise, vibration or anything that I can see.

Kudos to a kick-ass kit!
(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
Fatal Strike             I installed the kit on my car couple weeks ago, took it to the strip and cut my best 60' time so far.. car ran straighter on the slicks and felt solid.
My car makes 660rwhp and I still feel confident in the stock half shafts,
I believe they will see me into the 9's with the 6-speed when I drop the gears..

(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
Ray Lucca I just got the car back and a big shout out to Bruce [AC427], and Eric at Impulse Eng. in Huntington Beach, Ca.
I ordered the full Delrin kit, grease fittings, 9/16 Bolts, and rear Bump-steer kit from Bruce, and it shipped and arrived right on time to Eric's shop.
 I have an 03 Vert with the full length sub-frames already installed, and the up-grades have transformed the car,
planted, firm but compliant, and the handling diff. is amazing.
We also did the following:

Installed Coupe springs, 1/2 coil cut,
M.M. C/C Plates,
Flush and fill the Diff. and installed the B.F. Brace,
 2 new Rear Nitto 555's,
Redline Hood Struts, and a 4 Wheel Custom Alignment,
and Rear bump steer.
The good news is, so far, NO WHEEL HOP!!!
The clunks are gone, the slop in the drive train is gone, and the car handles great.
For you So. Cal Guys, that need a good shop, check out Eric @ Impulse Eng.
 Installing the kit is a big under-taking, but I can tell you, it's worth it. Both Bruce and Eric are stand up guys,
and under-promised and over-delivered, that's a good way to do business.

(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
ShelbyGuy Bruce isn't just Bruce, he's SuperBruce!!

Instead of the big Superman 'S' on his chest, its the red R with the snake through it!
icefly I am new to this site but have read the entire installation procedure on Full Tilt site and all I can say is WOW.
This kit looks very impressive and the instructions
Bruce gives are unbelievable!!
 I am totally impressed and I can't wait to dive into this for my 2003 Cobra.
My car has decent power but of course it suffers heavily from wheel hop. I agree with Bruce though,
I do NOT want to get rid of IRS as ALL real Super cars have IRS...
skaarew04SVT Been giving it a a couple months "testing" before I posted my impressions of Bruce's IRS bushing kit.
All I can say is the kit has to be one of the best mods I have done to the car besides the whipple.
 Prior to the bushing kit, I had a very squirrelly feeling to the car,
say on a 3rd gear roll full boost 20-22 psi, the whole rear-end felt like it was moving around in the cradle....never did like that feeling.
 I knew when this happened, it had to be the amount of rubber in the IRS.
Secondly, I did struggle with wheel hop on occasion...not anymore.

My car has MM coilovers (Fnt 375 / Rear 575 springs) with MM sport bilsteins and handles like it's on rails with Bruce's kit.
No change in NVH. Plants the 630 rwhp perfectly AND predictably unlike before.
You can feel the articulation of the suspension is greatly enhanced. Cornering is a thing of beauty.
 Zero noise. I only did the delrin/UHMW and aluminum bushings. Kept the stock sway bar end links and stock tie rods.
Overall just wanted to give an honest opinion after a few months of driving the beast.
Special thanks to Bruce and all of his outstanding advice / customer service.
Lastly Bruce....I still need to return the rented tools, sorry for the delay! I will do quickly, just has skipped my mind due to a hectic schedule.
Pics: Notice the gloss back powder coat on the subframe!
(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
sassafras Big Props to Bruce (ac427cobra)...
...and all the work he's done with the IRS in these cars.
I recently purchased his full bushing kit/bumpsteer-upgraded toe links/adjustable sway bar end links and
 got to install them two weekends back and all I can say is wow, Ford's NVH engineers really dropped the ball on the rear end on these cars.
Install was simple and straight forward with great instructions from Bruce.
I had one friend helping me, with the car on jack stands, we were able to knock out the entire project over two days during the weekend.
Nothing is really difficult, everything is just time consuming.
The only hiccup I did have was the installation of the rear subframe back onto the car as it was a super super tight fit.
Results were simply amazing. 90% of my wheelhop is gone, I'm still on eagle F1's and that last 10% should go away when I finally drop those.
The only time I'm hopping is in the rain and occasionally when I dump the clutch in first.
I don't have to worry about hop anymore while driving 20 mph and punching it.
This alone has made the car so much more enjoyable to drive.
The car tracks so much better in turns now it's ridiculous, even without having the bumpsteer set correctly (haven't had time) it's doing this.
 I have noticed a little bit more gear noise, and my drive train clunk is slightly louder,
but those are very small things I can live with when so many other aspects of the car are far and away better.
 If you are on the fence about spending this much for bushings, go ahead and take that jump...buy them!
There has been so much engineering and thought put into these as well as pages upon pages of positive results that the price is justified.
 Thanks again Bruce
(Click here for the link to the forum thread)
navyht Just got the full kit in today. All I can say is WOW what a difference.
 The old bushings I removed looked pretty bad and as I'm sure Bruce can back up,
most of the IRS bushings were shot (by the way, the money order for more parts went out today).
 I checked with 3 different shops here in Hawaii to do the install and no one would even give me an estimate.
I did it my self with the help of some friends from Hawaii Performance Mustangs and
while it was a major PITA 5 minutes of seat time made it all worth while.
The full kit is worth every penny and then some.
navyht I have an 01 Cobra with 95K miles on it and recently installed the full bushing kit with the sway bar end links.
I also had to replace all four of the cross axis joints on the knuckle.
I can't say enough about the quality of these bushings.
It's like they were machined specifically for my car as everything was a perfect fit.
I would be lying if I said it was an easy install but it was worth it.
 I was expecting the ride quality to suffer some due to the stiffer bushings but it was a huge improvement instead as my factory bushing were completely shot.
 The biggest bonus of all is the wheel hop is gone!
I also have to comment on your customer service Bruce.
This was a huge project and I had a bunch of questions and you answered them all.
 Its good to hear Full Tilt is official and with the quality products and great customer service I hope you still have time for the track.
Thanks for everything Bruce!
dsfelton Well I just installed my kit this weekend.
Getting the IRS out and breaking it down was very straight forward.
The bushing removal tools are a MUST!
Removing all of the rubber bushings was a breeze with the removal tools (oh and a little PB blaster made it even easier).
 Drilling out the old subframe bushings made their removal a whole lot easier as well.
Make sure to read the instructions before do each part. It will make you life a whole lot easier.
The only real PITA was putting the IRS back in the car. 
What a nightmare, but after a lot of prying and cussing it's back in now and I can't wait to test it out tomorrow.
When reinstalling the IRS I would highly recommend putting in the front subframe bolts first
because the holes have to line up precisely to go in (especially when installing the upgraded larger front bolts).
The rear subframe mounts have slotted holes and an sliding nut giving it room to move around if they don't line precisely.
Not to mention the rear bolts are easier to access. Service from Bruce and Steve was outstanding and I received everything very fast.
 I ordered the kit on a Tuesday and had it at my door that Friday.
 Everything in the kit was packaged very nicely and labeled making it easy enough for a third grader to know where everything went.
I would highly recommend this kit to all cobra owners.
This kit is top notch!
evil04svtcobra Bruce, I picked up my car today from Performance Plus.
The car goes straight and drives tight. a little more bumpy, but that is expected.
really really like the new kit. everything works perfectly. quick shipping and very knowledgeable.
The old bushings were torn, ripped, blistered, and totally pieces of ****, I cant believe how bad the stock bushings were,
and my car only has 35k miles.

Just really wanted to say thank you for everything Bruce.
Ray Lucca I finally had some time this week-end to drive the car after the install of Bruce's full bushing kit, Bolts, and rear bump-steer on my 03 Vert.
 I also had 1/2 coil cut coupe springs, M.M C/C Plates, flush/fill the Rear Diff. and installed the B.F Brace, 2 new rear Nitto 555's,
 a 4 wheel custom alignment with the pinion angle and rear bump-steer set, and Redline Hood Struts.
I have to give a huge shout out to Bruce [AC427], and Eric [Impulse GT], at Impulse Engineering in Huntington Beach , Ca.
I now drive a different car...PERIOD!!

Every Saturday morning I get on the freeway on a long sweeping ramp.
Before 45MPH tops or I was plowing up the ramp in the gravel, yesterday over 65 MPH sticking like glue to the bottom of the elevated sweeper.
An amazing difference, and the rear stayed planted and didn't get squirrelly.
I got through a light last night and had a high speed sweeper the wheel was steady and solid,
 I didn't have to fight it like before.
Last but not least NO WHEEL HOP, the car now plants and hooks up, I can actually get on it out of the hole now, I never could before.
 I'm at 454 RWHP and 500 Tq., maybe I need more power, especially since I can put it down??!!.....
This kit is a major undertaking and if you can't do it yourself,
make sure you go with a knowledgeable shop as I did.
Eric's shop used to install the MM Kits, he is going to talk with Bruce about using his going forward.
This mod, is the best thing I have done to the car and I wish I'd have done it first.
I was lucky enough to deal with 2 stand up guys, and the results we're much better than expectation, a real rarity in business these days......
Highly Recommended!!!
SLPRCTM First off, your kit kicks a**!
The install went perfect and was very straight forward and almost easy.
The quality of the kit was great and after driving it around, I noticed a huge difference.
The grease fittings sure make life nice. One piece of advice to anyone attempting this.
 Use a motorcycle/atv jack to remove/re-install the irs assembly if you are doing this on jack stands.
It makes life very easy and pretty much lines everything up in one shot. I did the whole thing by myself without one bit of problem.
Thanks again Bruce and your tools will ship out tomorrow.
The only casualty was a piece of threaded rod in the tool kit that died at the hands of a cradle bushing.
If there is an extra charge, I completely understand.
Thanks again!
DennyG Hey Folks! These things work!!!
I installed a set of these bushings, along with MM's front CA delrin bushings, on my 2001 Cobra ...
The difference is remarkable!
The car turns in much more reliably and I'm able to maintain much higher cornering speeds ...
and the car is more predictable at the limit.
This is truly a transformation ... great product!
Ontariomystic Finally got to drive my 04 Cobra with Bruce's kit.
I am very impressed and happy with the ride and noise level. For those concerned about the noise from the aluminum mounts,
 I can't tell the difference from stock. My exhaust is the quiet Borla catback which is not loud either.
 I'm curious if guys that experience noise can be related to the pinion angle being off.
This mod should be considered for all IRS cars.

The install however is allot of work but not difficult.
Be sure to use the install tools and it will be easy.
Took me longer than most but I am thorough with every step.
If you have an 03-04 Cobra, the pinion angle will not be exact but you should be able to get within 1-1.5 degrees
which is allot better than the factory angle and appears to be quiet and no vibrations.

Thanks Bruce for an excellent kit and value.
DocB I would just like to thank Bruce publicly for developing, producing and offering such a fine product.
Excellent fit, finish, instructions, packaging, and support.

I just took the car out for a leisurely drive today (gentle break in) even though we are not quite finished with all the work (including The Black Pill-stay tuned).
It's been a long winter and I just couldn't help myself.
We installed Bruce's full bushing kit and the car definitely feels more solid in the rear.
NO detectable NHV above stock so far. Awesome.
I would recommend this kit.
Thanks again Bruce,
fred50stang I bought this kit earlier this summer.
I finally got around to installing it couple weekends ago.
First off I want to say THANKS to Bruce!
It is and excellent kit, well written and thorough directions, top notch tools (buy'em, its worth it), and he was very quick to answer questions I had via PM's.
The UCA bushings were easy to remove and install. The LCA bushings were easy to remove and install.
The cradle bushings were a little bit tough, but nothing a saw-all couldn't cut through, and once that was done they came right out.
 The differential bushing was pretty easy also.
Impressions- Its amazing the way the car feels now.
It doesn't want to wander, and the rear feels even more like I have a complete car now.
I thought the IRS was great with rubber, its '10 fold' better now, if that makes sense.
I cant wait to get the car on an open track (and some spirited exit/on ramp runs).
I still have a bit of wheel hop initially upon WOT (on the street), but nothing like it was before!
As far as noise, its a little bit more noisy, but nothing the stereo cant fix.

Great bushing kit, Thanks!
SteedaGT Well I guess it's time to give a review after I've driven with the new bushings for a few weeks now.
One word, amazing!
I not only felt an improvement on the autox course, but also on the drag strip.
The complete bushing kit + my MM coil-overs = 0, nadda, nothing, that's ZERO wheel hop.
The install was a breeze (other than my minor mishap with the stock LCA bushings...) and took about a weekend for me working alone most of the time.
The bushing tools are a MUST. Don't try this without them.
Taking the old stuff out is much harder than putting the new stuff in also.
Bruce's stuff goes in like butter (he likes it when I say that haha). Instructions are great too!
Using the pictures in this thread and the instructions sent with the kit, I questioned nothing and had no problems.
I came from a stock '03 IRS with MM coil-overs to an amazing '03 IRS after adding Bruce's complete kit.
I'd recommend this kit to anyone with an IRS whether the car serves autox, road course, on/off-ramp duty, or a drag racing whore.
It does everything better.
Thanks again Bruce!!!!!
Lightning&Mach1 Well, If anyone on here is wondering, should I buy this kit or not.
The answer is yes buy this product.
Not only is it cheaper than MM's, it is also race proven on Bruce's badass Cobra R.
Just the feel of the car around the turns is amazing.
And if your not just buying it for the turns and just for drag racing then it should be your first step of stiffening it up in the rear.
So far for my car it has been my best buy I feel.
Thanks again Bruce I love the kit and the turns this car can handle now. haha
newcastle Awesome bushing kit!
good instructions. fast shipping. bruce is a great guy!
I can't say enough about this purchase!
thank you, bruce! you saved me allot of money over buying MM's parts.
the improvement in handling is incredible. very happy...
KJS1820 Just had to add to this thread!
Last night I finished my AC427COBRA Bushing kit install!
I did it all on my back in the driveway and wasn't that bad!
 I drilled and sawzalled the subframe bushings and used the hydraulic press at work to pop out the upper and lower control arm bushings.
 (25 min job putting it back in was fairly easy not a big deal!)
 I have a Kenney Bell on the car with the normal bolt ons!
I took the car out and was FINALLY able to smoke the nittos 555rs for the first time with NO wheelhop!!! The bushings are amazing! I have no other suspension or frame mods just the bushings and a BF brace!
 Noise is a little louder but not that bad! I should have done this as the first mod!
I will be welding in my subframe connectors on the alignment rack at work when I do an alignment to make sure all is good.

Thank you Bruce for all the R&D getting these bushings into production!
hatsharpener Bruce's customer service and support is second-to-none.
He has helped me through every step of the install.
As mentioned earlier in the thread, don't hesitate to contact Bruce with any questions you may have.

If only all customer service stations were like his :-)
724COBRA I just had MM rear tie rod kit installed and I am very impressed.
I was very happy with Bruce's kit before I got the bumpsteer adjusted and realigned.
I had NO wheel hop along with my other IRS mods. Now I am even more impressed. My car is very tight and predictable.
Bruce recommended getting the bumpsteer kit and it was well worth the money and definitely put the icing on the cake.
Thanks again Bruce!
xhailofgunfirex Welp, I finally got my car on the road after doing an IRS swap in it with Bruce's full delrin kit,
WOWWWWW, is all I got to say about how it handles,
 and its not even aligned yet. I went from MM LCA's and MM panhard bar to 03 cobra irs with Bruce's delrin kit,
 I love my car sooo much right now.

I have huge amount of props to Bruce, guy answers every single PM I send him, 90% of the time he answers within a few hours. Answers every part of the question, always tries to help out and gives advice. He is one of the best guys I've done business with on any website forum, or even any online retailer period.

The directions he gave were great, and all the bushings were very nicely packaged and labeled wonderfully, all the delrin was high quality.

Thank you Bruce.
Bionik P I will say this about Bruce and his kit:

Bruce is an extremely knowledgeable guy who was able to answer all of my dumb questions that I threw at him.
Many times Bruce answered my questions within a couple of hours. I know there were many times where I thought to myself that Bruce was laughing on his side of the computer at some of the questions I asked, but he always came back with a professional and knowledgeable answer.
As far as Bruce's kit......this is some high quality stuff! I took each piece out and each piece was perfect....not a single flaw.
All of the pieces went into the IRS with no problem what so ever.
I believe that with all of the suspension mods I did, to include Bruce's kit, have solved my wheel hop problems in my vert.

A big thanks to Bruce and all the help you provided me!
WDW MKR Thanks again, Bruce. I've had time to get my car out and really drive it over the past few weeks.
The bushings have made it a new car.
xhailofgunfirex Welp, I finally got my car on the road after doing an IRS swap in it with Bruce's full delrin kit, WOWWWWW, is all I got to say about how it handles,
and its not even aligned yet. I went from MM LCA's and MM panhard bar to 03 cobra irs with Bruce's delrin kit,
I love my car sooo much right now.

I have huge amount of props to Bruce, guy answers every single PM I send him, 90% of the time he answers within a few hours.
Answers every part of the question, always tries to help out and gives advice.
He is one of the best guys I've done business with on any website forum, or even any online retailer period.

The directions he gave were great, and all the bushings were very nicely packaged and labeled wonderfully, all the delrin was high quality.

Thank you Bruce.
Jroc I got my kit today and it look amazing.
If you think it looks good in the picture you need it see it in person.
 I can't wait to get it installed.

BTW dealing with Bruce has been great. He is very helpful with any questions and he did exactly what he said he would do.
I couldn't be happier with the transaction.
ponypower Well I got my complete kit installed. My shop didn't completely read the directions at first but Bruce was right there to help us out.
 I can't say enough what a quality product this is and what a great guy Bruce is.
My shop was extremely impressed with the kit and they work on Vettes for a living.
They couldn't stop talking about the quality.

As for how I like it....I'd slap someone if they got another kit over this one.
My car hopped like a freakin jack rabbit before and now nada.....no hop whatsoever and that is with my Khumo Supra 712s on.
I got the car back Friday night and went and got it aligned and had the pinion angle adjusted (which I think still needs some fine tuning) and I took it out all day today.
I also had 4.30s installed along with a Billetflow IRS girdle and FRPP IRS cross member and 03 shafts.
The car spins on hard launches and on hard 2nd gear slams. No hop anywhere! I can't get over how different the car is,
I wish I had started with this stuff right off the bat.
On top of that, my subframe connectors and Billetflow IRS brackets will go on in a few weeks....I can't imagine what the car will be like after that.
Solid axel swap......bah humbug!
-Aj- Just to chime in here, I took a ride in a fully IRS equipped ac427cobra delrin packaged car yesterday, and I am fully convinced it works.
No wheelhop at all, only some tire spin.
No suspension noise was heard either. I have been converted!
JPIStang The kit is VERY nice, you won't regret it.
It makes the IRS feel like a million bucks!
MSTMRFR Just received my kit....Bruce Kicks a$$ with help, and getting back with you via e-mail responsiveness,
and is very helpful when it comes to setting up suspension...he did not try to sell me his kit, just said it needed attention...and was not pressing to try to get me to purchase his specific kit...and he gave me a military discount...

thanks Bruce!!!

(Click here for the link to the forum thread)

Matt888 I'm one of Bruce's latest VERY satisfied customers. 
His kit completely changed my car and I'm addicted to driving it like a crack junky.
It turns on a dime and accelerates like a bat outta hell (well, not quite as fast as you damn 03/04 guys, but you get the point ).
Pure sex man. Do it!!!

Thanks again Bruce! Your kit has me imagining what it would be like to install on an IRS put in the rear of one of those cobra kit cars. Dear lord...
WDW MKR Just to report back on the bushings... I am very happy!
The difference is noticeable with just spirited street driving. Gear noise is a little louder, but everything is actually quieter.
No more loud bangs when going over bumps and dips. I look forward to testing for wheel hop.
The entire suspension feels a lot more connected.
724COBRA Thanks for the kit. It made an unreal difference in my car. I had Bruce's kit along with FLSFC and BF Mount Brackets installed and it is like a different car.
I have a coupe with street tires and have absolutely no wheel hop.
It is so awesome to finally be able to hammer that thing without feeling like my rear end is gonna come apart.
Not only did it greatly reduce the wheel hop it feels tight and handles much better as well...
Thanks again Bruce...well worth the money!
More to come!!!!!

Here are some posts from happy customers taken from the ModularFords.com forum......

mmustangsrus Whether drag racing or open track/ auto-x or even "spirited" street driving
you really should look in to this kit especially if you want the dreaded wheel hop GONE !!

RoadRash Check out this bushing kit. (sorry to link to another site but it is the best kit out there)
Don't use urethane .. delrin is the stuff.
JROC If you want to keep the IRS, Delrin bushings are your friend and are definitely better than poly.
 I have been running Bruce's kit for almost a year and a half and honest to god I have zero wheelhop unless I break the tires on wet pavement it might hop slightly.
FLSFC's help allot also, and so did DR's, but I have been running street tires again for about a year and my car will just spin and spin but not hop.
The kit consist of Delrin control arm bushings, Aluminum differential bushings and UHMW (which is a very high grade, expensive poly) subframe bushings.
 I highly recommend it, and it makes everything on the car work better.

As an added bonus it cured my clunk on decel, but many say their car still has the clunk with the solid bushings.
 It seems like it cures the clunk in some cars, and not in others.
99blkcobravert Save your money for Bruce's Delrin kit!
They have a provision for grease fittings and won't squeak like urethane; also delrin has zero deflection unlike the "u" stuff.
I upgraded my 99 IRS with bushings, coilovers, girdle, aluminum diff bushings, pinion snubber and toe link bars.
I have zero wheel hop ever.
 I had some 325x45/17's on this summer and it hooks like it never has before!
Ray Lucca I have an 03 Cobra Vert that had bad wheel hop, 454 RWHP-500 TQ.
 I installed Bruce's full Kit and Bumpsteer Kit, 1/2 coil cut Coupe springs, B.F. Diff. Brace, M.M. C/C Plates and Full Sub-frame connectors, a new R.
Pair of Nitto 555's, and a good 4 wheel Bump-steer Alignment.
This is the best mod I have done, by far, the the one I should have done first.
It's a different car, much better, and no wheel hop ..Good luck!!

(Click here for the link to the forum thread)

More to come!!!!!


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