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Instructions for installation of
FT 55 Windshield and back glass banner.
This windshield banner can be used on the windshield or on the back glass of your vehicle.
When installed on the windshield it also serves as a nice sun shade as well.
It is oversized so depending on how you place it on your glass it will need
trimming on both ends and possibly on the top too.
Before installation, clean your glass well.
We recommend installing this banner wet.
If you have some distilled water put it in a spray bottle, wet the window AND the adhesive
on the back side of the banner after removing the paper.
The high gloss finish on this banner unfortunately scratches quite easily with a decal squeegee
which is why we recommend putting your application squeegee inside of a cotton sock to work out the air bubbles.
After the banner is positioned to your liking, work the air bubbles out from the center of the banner.
After all of the air bubbles are out, trim the edges with a new razor blade.
Allow this to dry for at least 12 hours before driving at high speeds.