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Watch for our newest improvement to the S550 Mustang!

Coming Soon!

New Cross Axis joint design with protective boots.

FT 6150 - Cross Axis Joint with protective boots FT 6170 - Set of 4 Cross Axis Joints with protective boots including the removal/installation tool kit
Cross Axis Joint
with protective boots for
Rear Knuckle
99-04 Mustang Cobra
Cross Axis Joints
with protective boots including the Removal/Installation tool set.
FT 6150 $85.00 FT 6170 $339.00

S550 Brake Cooling Ducts

FT 9215 - S550 Brake Cooling Ducts, Pair FT 9215 Kit
S550 Front Brake Cooling Ducts (Pair)
(click here to order)
Click here for more info!
S550 Front Brake Cooling Duct Kit
(click here to order)
Click here for more info!
FT 9215 $159.00 FT 9215 Kit $265.00

S550 Mustang Coolant Reservoir Cover


With Cover


With Cover
We have come up with a low cost solution for the eye sore of the OEM coolant reservoir
and we think it
dramatically changes the look under the hood.
Available now on our website.
They retail for $55
Easy to install,
Still able to see coolant level,
Retains the factory look,
No need to mess with coolant when installing.

2015 S550 Mustang IRS Parts coming soon!

Here are a couple of videos that show what is happening with the IRS
during launch with the factory OEM rubber bushings installed.

2015 S550 Mustang
IRS Wheel Hop
2015 S550 Mustang
Subframe and Differential
Deflection During Launch

Rear Adjustable Toe Link and
Adjustable Vertical Link
Rear Adjustable Toe Link Rear Adjustable Vertical Link Rear Adjustable Toe Link and
Adjustable Vertical Link

LCA and Knuckle

 LCA Spherical Bearing LCA Spherical Bearing Knuckle Spherical Bearing Knuckle Spherical Bearing

2015 S550 Mustang IRS
Lower Control Arm, Knuckle, Adjustable Vertical Link,
Adjustable Toe Link and Upper Control Arm

S-197 15" Shelby GT 500 Floating Rotor Sets
Engraved with GT 500
Front and Rear

FT 9220EG and FT9650EG Set of four, 2013/2014 Shelby

FT 9220EG FT 9220EG Closeup
FT 9220EG          $1199.00
FT 9650EG FT 9650EG Closeup
FT 9650EG          $995.00

Rear Differential cooling accessories

FT 1370 - Rear Diff Cooler Kit
Rear differential cooler kit.
Kit includes a heat exchanger/fan assembly with -8 fittings,
Tilton oil pump,
15 feet of -8 stainless braided line,
three 90 degree -8 fittings,
seven straight -8 fittings,
one 90 degree swivel for the suction line,
one AN-8 check valve,
one 280 degree temperature gauge with sending unit.
FT 1370  $749.00 

Options for the FT 1370 differential cooling kit

FT 1380 - Wiring harness with relays and on/off switches  FT 1381 - In-line strainer for differential cooler kit  FT 1382 - Differential breather catch can  FT 1401M - Modded rear diff lowering bracket
Wiring harness with relays and on/off switches
for differential cooler kit.
In-line strainer
for differential cooler kit.
Differential breather catch can. Delrin isolated
Rear differential lowering mount
modded for diff cooler kit
FT 1380  $49.00  FT 1381  $95.00  FT 1382  $29.00  FT 1401M $189.00

Diff cover plumbing
Differential cover plumbing with
modded FT 1401M solid diff mount

Rear Differential Rebuild Parts

M-4209-88410 M-4209-88373 M-4209-88355
Ford Racing 8.8 Gear Set
4.10 Gear Ratio
Ford Racing 8.8 Gear Set
3.73 Gear Ratio
Ford Racing 8.8 Gear Set
3.55 Gear Ratio
M-4209-88410 $179.00 M-4209-88373 $179.00 M-4209-88355 $179.00

M-4210-B2 M-4413-A M-4700-C
Ford Racing
8.8 Ring and Pinion Bearing
and Seal Install Kit 
Ford Racing
8.8 IRS Halfshaft Bearing
and Seal Kit
Differential with
Ford Racing
Carbon Fiber Clutches
Ford Racing
Carbon Fiber
Clutch Rebuild Kit
M-4210-B2 $99.00  M-4413-A $19.00 AR3Z-4026-A $249.00 M-4700-C   $129.00

M-4204-T31 M-4204-T31H 
Ford Racing Mustang
8.8 T2 Torsen Differential
31 Spline
Ford Racing Mustang
8.8 T2-R Torsen Differential
31 Spline
M-4204-T31 $575.00 M-4204-T31H $695.00

Full Tilt Boogie Racing is now a Mustang Brake Parts Dealer Just wanted to give everyone a heads up regarding
a new line we are taking on at FTBR.

We are now a brake parts distrubutor.

We can get almost all brands of pads, rotors, brake fluid etc.
If you have part numbers, all the better.

E-mail us with your requirements and we will give you a smokin' deal.
The more you order, the better deal we can give you.

No obligation!

So if you want two sets of fronts and a set of rears you're going to get the best pricing you've most likely ever seen.

We know what it's like being a track dawg and saving 10% or 20%.
We'd love to be your brake supplier.

Thanks in advance!

The Full Tilt Boogie Racing Team

SN-95 Rotors

FT 8300 - SN-95 Front Rotors FT 8350 - SN-95 Rear Rotors
SN-95 13" Front Rotor Set
SP Performance
Directionally Vaned and Slotted
Zinc Plated
1994 - 2004
SN-95 11.66" Rear Rotor Set
SP Performance
Directionally Slotted
Zinc Plated
1994 - 2004
FT 8300 $210.00 FT 8350 $172.00

SN-95 Brembo 14" Front Brake Conversion Kit

FT 9490 - SN-95 14" Front Brake Conversion Kit
At Full Tilt Boogie Racing, we have some exciting news for Mustang performance enthusiasts.
We now have available a 14" front (355x32mm) Brembo brake conversion kit for all SN-95 vehicles.

The kit requires 18" wheels and should fit under most 18" wheels. Check your wheel specs for fitment.
This kit naturally fits all SN-95 Cobra models 1994-2004 along with all Mach I, Bullitt and GT models as well.

Included in the kit are a pair of radial mounted Brembo F-50 four piston fixed calipers loaded with street pads and pad attaching hardware,
a pair of FTBR caliper mounting brackets with caliper mounting hardware, FTBR stress relieved, slotted, directionally vaned, clear zinc plated, floating rotor rings,
hard anodized, billet machined aluminum FTBR floating hats, attaching bobbins and hardware all of which are compatible with the Brembo Gran Turismo 355x32mm kit.
The kit also comes with braided Stainless Steel front brake lines, banjo bolts and copper sealing rings.

Similar kits can be found for more than $1,400.00 more than what we are offering the kit for:

Brembo GT 355mm Big Brake Kit

That's like a 39% off sale!!!

The price of our kit is $2,200.00 and comes complete with everything you need and ready to bolt on to your vehicle.

Optional items for this kit would be HD rotor rings for road racing add $100.00.
Race pads would also be available at an additional cost depending on your pad choice. (inquire)

Why is our 14" kit better than some of the other 'cheaper' 14" kits available on the market?
I'll tell you, and it can be summed up in two words: "rotating mass".
Some of our competitors use a 14" OEM rotor in their kits.
These rotors are very inexpensive to buy compared to manufacturing 2 pc floating rotors and hat assemblies.

S-197 OEM GT 500 rotor weight SN-95 Brembo 1 piece rotor
These insanely heavy 14" rotors weigh in at OVER 25# That is more than 6 lbs. heavier than the SN-95 OEM front rotor

With that kit you are adding MORE than 12# of rotating mass and unsprung weight on the front end of a car that's already too heavy.

In case you didn't realize this, your 1/4 mile E.T.'s will actually go up and your MPH will go down adding that much rotating mass to your car
because it's more weight that needs to be accelerated from a dead stop.
If you're concerned with handling, more rotating mass will reduce the turn-in response of your vehicle as well.

FT 9490  FT 9490 HD 
Our street/strip rotor that comes standard
 with out kit weighs in at 16.68 lbs. each. 
This is an unbelievable 17.28# rotating mass and unsprung weight savings as compared to the kits that use 14" GT 500 rotors.
Even our heavy duty road race rotor ring option
 is still 11# less rotating mass compared to the
kits that have the 14" GT 500 rotors.

If you're a performance minded Mustang enthusiast, this kit should be an easy choice
 for you if you're looking to upgrade the performance of your Mustang.

These kits are is stock and ready to ship.

Click here for more information.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding this brake kit. 

The FTBR Team

New Items

FT 9750 FT 9010
 Russell four piece
front and rear
stainless steel braided
brake line set.
S-197 (05-14) Mustang
Universal general purpose rear caliper 
piston retraction tool
FT 9750 $210.00 FT 9010 $59.00

Brembo Replacement Floating Rotor Rings

355mm x 32mm Front Replacement Floating Rotor Rings

FT 9400 HD Weight FT 9400 Weight FT 9400 LW Weight
Weight of the Heavy Duty version
14" Brembo Replacement
Floating Rotor Rings
17.3 Lbs.
Weight of the
14" Brembo Replacement
Floating Rotor Rings
15.7 Lbs.
Weight of the Lightweight version
14" Brembo Replacement
Floating Rotor Rings
14.18 Lbs.
FT 9400 HD Ring Set FT 9400 Ring Set FT 9400 LW Ring Set
Brembo Replacement Spec Sheet FT 9400
This is a replacement 355mm x 32mm floating rotor ring that fits Brembo kits for many vehicles.
The 48 vane Brembo rotor rings weigh approx. 16 lbs.
We have a choice of slightly heavier or slightly lighter weight rotors.
These rotors will fit applications including, but not limited to:
 Mustang's, Camaro's, Corvette's, Subaru's, Porsche's, BMW's, Mitsubishi's...ect.
Check spec sheet above to see if they match your application.
FT 9400 HD GiroDisc Rotor Ring Set with attaching Hardware  FT 9400 HD
14" Brembo Replacement
Floating Rotor Ring Set
Heavy Duty
14" Brembo Replacement
Floating Rotor Ring Set,
Includes mounting hardware.
14" Brembo Replacement
Floating Rotor Ring Set
FT 9400 HD
Ring Set
$575.00 FT 9400
Ring Set 
$600.00  FT 9400 LW
Ring Set

S-197 13" Rear Brake Conversion
Two piece floating rotors

S-197 Complete 13" Conversion Floating Rotor Kit S-197 13" Floating Conversion Replacement Rotor Ring Set
S-197 13" Rear Brake Conversion Kit
Two piece floating rotors.
FT 9600
S-197 13" Rear Brake Conversion
Replacement Rotor Ring Set
FT 9600 Ring Set
S-197 13" Rear Floating Rotor Weight FT 9600 mounted on car
S-197 13" Rear Floating Brake Conversion
Rotor Weight....11.54lbs
FT 9600 Kit mounted on car.
S-197 13" Conversion caliper bracket grind S-197 13" Conversion caliper bracket grind
The caliper bracket needs
 to be ground for bolt clearance
A closer view
FT 9600 13" Rear Brake
 Conversion Kit Mounted on the car
A closer view of the FT 9600 13" Rear Brake
 Conversion Kit Mounted on the car

IRS eccentric camber adjusting bolt

OEM eccentric camber adjustment bolt FT 1050 FTBR eccentric camber adjusting bolt Side by side comparison
OEM camber adjusting bolt in the
upper control arm, notice the
washer does not fill the entire milled
 width in the control arm.
Full Tilt Boogie Racing's new replacement
 IRS camber adjusting bolt fills the entire milled width of the upper control arm for increased camber adjustment.
FTBR vs OEM eccentric camber
adjusting bolts side by side. Note increased eccentric washer thickness.


eccentric washer   eccentric washer thickness
This photo shows the increased offset of the eccentric washer on the upper control arm.  Elongating the bolt slot on the UCA will give you increased camber adjustment. This is the amount of material that needs to be removed from both ends of both slots of the UCA to take full advantage of increased camber adjustments with this new eccentric camber adjusting bolt. This photo shows the increased
thickness of the eccentric cam as
compared to the OEM part.


FT 1050....FTBR eccentric camber adjusting bolt....$18.50 each
  The bolt on the FTBR eccentric camber adjusting bolt, is welded to the eccentric washer and cannot slip as in some cases with the OEM part.  The assembly is clear zinc plated to help prevent corrision. Part #  FT 1050


Cross axis joint replacement boot


Full Tilt Boogie Racing now offers a replacement boot for the Ford OEM cross-axis joints.

Part #  FT 6106

Front Differential Torque Brace


This 2003-2004 (Terminator) Ford front torque brace reduces movement of the front of the differential housing during hard launches, which will in turn reduce wheel-hop. 
When using this brace it ties the front differential bushing mount with the subframe that results in a stiffer IRS assembly. 
Update your older IRS equipped Cobra with this newer style brace that Ford agreed was important enough to include on the later models.

Part #  FT 1290

Front Differential Mounts

We've come to the realization that adjusting our old design front diff mounting bushings was a tedious and time consuming process. So we went back to the drawing board to improve the design and this is what we've come up with. A set of front diff supports that are actually self aligning. There is no longer a need to orientate the tapered bushings and tapered washers to match your mounting surfaces. Simply bolt them in place and they pretty much self center themselves!

Here are some photos of the new bushing design. This is how they self adjust to the mounting surfaces of the subframe and the front torque brace from angled to completely flat.


Here is the front diff set mounted in the car. And a close-up of them mounted in the car.

Because these parts are so much easier to work with and we've always been a very customer oriented company, we are going to offer a trade-in exchange for all of our previous customers that have purchased these. For the guys that have NOT installed their kit yet, go into your kit and remove all of the parts in the front diff mount set with the exception of the 12 shimming washers. You keep them. Send us the two thick and two thin angled bushings and four angled washers. Once we receive your returned parts and verify you purchased the parts from us, we will ship you the new bushings and seats along with some new front diff mount installation instructions AT "NO" CHARGE!!! :-D

For the guys that have already installed these parts in their cars you probably discovered this alignment process was a little more work than it should have been. You're probably not looking forward to having to do it again if you ever have to take your car apart. We're going to do something for you as well.

You can purchase just the eight required parts, four new bushings and four matching washers (you won't receive any shimming washers) for $40.00 + $5.00 freight. Keep them until you go back into your differential again.

Once you remove and return the eight angled parts (four bushings and four washers) you will receive a $40 refund.

If anyone has any questions, contact us at:


 I'd be glad to answer them.

Delrin Isolated Rear Diff Mount

 This has been a LONG time in development but we have finally seen the fruits of our labor.

As many of you may or may not know,
the rear differential mount kit we currently offer will allow our customers the ability to vastly improve their driveline angles.

Although we have had very few complaints from customers with issues pertaining to drive line vibe,
we still felt it was important to offer a kit that allows total and complete optimization of the driveline angles without the need to modify the subframe in any way.

This is our newly revised aluminum Delrin isolated rear differential lowering mount that will fit the new milled FT 1350M Ford Racing rear differential cover.
Here is the bracket mounted onto a milled FT 1350M Ford Racing rear diff cover.
(See milled cover below)


The Delrin will isolate NVH from transferring from the differential housing to the subframe.

Part #  FT 1401

New Ford Racing Reinforced IRS Rear Differential cover

Full Tilt Boogie Racing now offers the new Ford Racing IRS reinforced rear diff cover.

This newly designed cover eliminates the need to install a rear differential cover brace.

Ford Racing IRS diff cover - Part #  FT 1350

Milled for clearance Ford Racing Diff Cover

Left side clearance Milled Ford Racing Diff Cover Right side clearance

If you're using the FT 1401 combined with the Ford Racing diff cover you will run into some clearance issues with the inner toe link mounting brackets on the subframe.

  We now offer a machined Ford Racing cover FT 1350M which is specifically milled to install in the subframe without any clearance issues.

Click here for more info: http://www.fulltiltboogieracing.com/faqs.htm, or here: Milled Cover

Milled Ford Racing IRS diff cover - Part #  FT 1350M

New S-197 Adjustable Aluminum Panhard Bar

FT 910.....S-197 PANHARD BAR

S-197 Panhard Bar  -  Part #  FT 910

Here is the OEM Panhard bar.
7.2 Lbs.
Here is the FTBR
reduced weight panhard bar.
3.7 Lbs.

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